What? What? Oh Gosh.
Meesa Back!

Yo yo yo whaddup!

So I’m back on Tumblr. My last REAL post was a little over 6 months ago on October 10th. So, I’m gonna stay on Tumblr. But see, I don’t wanna use Tumblr as ANOTHER site about sharing pointless pictures that you’re going to forget the next 5 images. I’m using Tumblr as a blog. I figured I would because it’s almost the end of senior year, and I’m out of here. I’m done. No more. Finito. I’ll be in college. Rhode Island specifically. I’m not going to see the same kids anymore. So for those who care, I’m going to update on my life. I’m actually using what Tumblr was intended for; blogging.

So, a lot has changed within the last 6 months. Screw Ashley. I’m way more than done with that business. I’m finally done with the heartache. I’m done with the stress. I’m done with emotional trauma and distress. I do wish her the very best in life, but good-bye and good riddance. 

My love life isn’t over though. See, on November 14th of 2011, I’ve been dating this wonderful girl named Abigail Bongard. She’s so pretty =). She’s my best friend’s ex-girlfriend though. And he was her first love. Ha. Awkward. But he’s cool with it. And I love him for it. It didn’t change our relationship at all! I do wish we could all hangout though. Be happy. But it would be way too awkward. Whatever.

Along with that, I became a rapper. I know right? Weird. But I spit bars. You have no idea =P lolololololol. I can’t wait to start recording. I can’t though. Colin is the one who’s recording me, and he’s busy with Down a Lifetime’s EP. It’s cool though. I’ll wait.

Aside from that, I don’t really have much to say. New things: Abby, Photography, Senior Year, Nigga rapper, and homies. 

kbye <3

Hello! I&#8217;m working my way back on Tumblr.

Hello! I’m working my way back on Tumblr.

Looks like I&#8217;m back on Tumblr

Looks like I’m back on Tumblr

Coffee House - Preparation

So, I’m playing coffee house this senior year because I’ve wanted to do it since sophomore year. 

This year, I plan on doing a 4-song set with the small acoustic group I have set up. I will be on Piano and Bass Guitar while Garrett is on Lead Acoustic Guitar. Following that, Jay will be our main vocalist. 

Discussion hasn’t really gone on amongst us yet, but here’s my idea of a few line-ups.

Line-Up 1

  • "Ready, Set, Go" by Like the Stars as a quick intro into "Another Song About The Weekend" by A Day to Remember.
  • An original acoustic song with a rap breakdown with me and Jay.
  • An original acoustic song by the group.
  • "Terrible Things" by Mayday Parade as a closer. 

Line-Up 2

  • "Big City Dreams" by Never Shout Never!
  • Original song
  • "Someone Like You" feat. female vocalist
  • Original song

Line-Up 3

  • Hey, Soul Sister” by Train
  • Original Song
  • Original Song
  • "I’m Yours" by Jason Mraz

Line-Up 4

  • "Party Rock Anthem" [Acoustic Cover] by LMFAO
  • Original Song
  • Acoustic Rap Freestyle. *We ask the crowd for a topic, and we rap about it.
  • "Toxic" [Original Acoustic Cover] by Britney Spears.

Line-Up 5

  • "I Like You" by Man Overboard
  • Original Song
  • "Jamie All Over" by Mayday Parade
  •  ”Remembering Sunday” by All Time Low feat. Female Vocalist.

I’m stuck between all 5 line-ups. These are my suggestions but they can change. Feedback would be very helpful =)